Gifts For Our Fur Babies

By Holli Rovenger | Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 05
Toys for Dogs

~ We Love the items that Pride Bites makes and the bonus is they can Personalize everything. Placemats, Beds, Toys, Hoodies, Toy Baskets, Blankets, Leashes … You can see all their items by Clicking Here. This link should give you 20% off whatever you purchase. If it asks for a coupon code, use BBuzz.

You choose the product you want and then personalize it!

Dog Coats Dog CollarsDisc Toys for Dogs    Dog Beds


~ We  also found this company called Cuddle Clones that you might like. They are Acrylic Premium Soft Plush Hand Made Clones of your Pet. You send in a picture, select some options,  and they take it from there. Click here and use the Coupon code  BBuzz for 10% off.

~ Most Dogs Love the Kong toy which comes in different sizes. Click here to choose yours.

~ Search below on Amazon for terrific dog toys!



If you’d like some ideas for Gifts for Women ~ Click here

If you’d like some ideas for Children’s Gifts ~ Click here

If you’d like some ideas for Men ~ Click here


You can search on Amazon for any dog toy or necessity:



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