Sexuality you say ...


    When most people hear the word "Sexuality," they immediately think Sex, and in a 'porn' sort of way.  Case in point, when my sister heard about this part of The Women's Inner Circle, she said - "you're going to start writing about Sex? You're becoming a Sex writer?" I told her no, not in the sense or from the perspective most people would think. In addition, a close friend said, "what you're going to be doing is 'out there'." To which I replied "and therein lies the problem. It shouldn't be 'out there'. It needs to be brought to the forefront for women."

    So Yes, I am going to write about Women and Sex, and Yes, what I am going to be talking about may seem a little 'out there' at first but, I encourage you to step back and see that when you start taking control of your Sexuality, it is the Ultimate Empowerment for Women. It is a wonderful part of life that sadly most women aren't fully enjoying.  A big part of the reason for this is our sex education gap. I am setting out to help change this. 

    It's time to continue changing history.  We've come such a long way and this is one of the final frontiers. 

    As much as all the other areas (physical, emotional, social, etc.) contribute to your overall state of "Wellness," so does your Sexuality.  Remember ~ The goal is to have you live Healthier, and Wealthier, and Happier with Passion!


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