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10 Must – Have Experiences in Italy For an Italian Holiday

By Holli Rovenger | Travel

Aug 12

Are you planning to go on an Italian holiday?

Italy is an incredible country to visit –  with its delectable food, beautiful countryside and long history that leaves all in awe. There is absolutely so much to do in Italy that it would literally take a lifetime to finish.

Here are ten of the best experiences to have in the country whether you are traveling alone or with a group of women traveling together on an Italian Holiday.

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1. Explore Venice

Surrounded by water, Venice is widely popular for its romantic gondola rides where you can have amazing candlelight dinners with your significant other. If you are a group of women traveling together, you can head to the old Jewish Ghetto for hip bars and inexpensive drinks. What a fun thing to do on an Italian Holiday!

2. See the Venice Carnival

Considered one of the biggest parties and festivals in Italy, the Venice Carnival is ten days and nights of masquerade madness in February. Make plans early though as the entire city becomes packed, so it’s best to find a spot in the city where you get to enjoy the festivities.

3. Discover Rome

Walk around the streets of Rome to fully embrace the city’s rich art and history. The city has so much to see and do that you’ll need to make several trips to Rome before you can even fully say you’ve explored it. Apart from the popular tourist attractions, make sure to go to the Trastevere student neighborhood west of the river. It offers inexpensive food, great little bars, and tiny winding streets few tourists venture to. There are tons of experiences to have in Rome on an Italian Holiday.

4. Visit Siena

Everyone loves Siena, the birthplace of the beloved Italian Saint Catherine,  and with good reason! It’s one of the best preserved medieval cities in Italy and has a labyrinth of winding alleys gathered around the famous Piazza del Campo. 

“This beautiful city made of brown Siena-colored bricks (so that’s how they named the color), its jumble of narrow streets and delightful squares, the medieval towers that make such a spectacular skyline, its spectacular cathedral, the tall and trim Torre del Mangia, all together create an enticing atmosphere almost like stepping back in time.”

5. Hike the Cinque Terre

Literally translated as the ‘Five Lands’, this region consists of five picturesque villages located at the west coast of Italy. It is backed by steep vineyards and gorgeous mountains and boasts of great hike trails that range in difficulty – so you can hike whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

6. Explore Florence

Touted as the art capital of Italy, Florence is a dream destination for art lovers and enthusiasts. Aside from the art, it is also teeming with delightful local restaurants, ancient buildings, charming streets and delicious gelato. It’s truly an excellent place to go especially for a group of women traveling together.

Don’t just stay in the Tuscan capital, though, as there are a number of attractions just outside the city that make for excellent day trips. All you have to do is hop on a train and you’ll surely be impressed by the gorgeous countryside views. We love it so much we offer an 11 day Experience in Tuscany!

7. Eat in Sicily

Sicily is truly a haven for foodies. The island boasts of a unique cooking style and extensive wineries that leave you wanting more. It also has amazing beaches that can leave you breathless.

The gelato everywhere in Italy is a must experience. Italylogue likes it so much they suggest having 2 scoops daily!  Hmmmm… I’m thinking maybe just 2 spoonfuls.

8. Attend Settimana Santa

This is the last week of Lent known as Holy Week. During this time, there are several processions throughout Italy, most especially in Puglia, Abruzzo, and Sicily.

9. Visit Alberobello

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Alberobello is an interesting and picturesque little town that is worth visiting between the months of November and April. There are a couple of museums to peruse through, as well as a number of great restaurants, bars, and markets.

10. Admire the Vatican Museums

The Vatican City is home to the Vatican Museums, which is one of the most grandeur collections to see while in Rome. There are so many priceless highlights in the museums, where you could spend hours just looking at them and glazing over the thousands of other pieces. This is not to be missed on an Italian Holiday!

There is so much to do in Italy. Here’s a Wonderful Article that talks about 100 Great Things to do when you visit Italy.

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