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10 Things Men Look for in a Compatible Woman besides Sexy

By Holli Rovenger | Sexuality

Nov 02

Are you wondering what things men look for in a mate? If so, you are like most women no matter the age. Women and Men are very different. We think differently, we perceive things differently, and we process thoughts differently. This has been written about a lot throughout history. One of the most popular books written is Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. It’s no wonder we don’t know exactly what the opposite sex is looking for in a mate.

I don’t know that I agree with all of the 12 things that the author of this article mentions, but it’s certainly worth a look at what his opinion is. From the article 12 things men look for in women other than good looks:

Things Men Look For ~

  • Be Yourself
  • Make the First Move ~ “This is the sexiest thing that you can do for your guy. This is something that every guy yearns for”
  • Watch Sports
  • Speak Up ~ don’t keep your emotions inside. Don’t be shy about your feelings
  • Be Natural ~ keep makeup to a minimum and let your natural beauty shine through
  • Play Video Games
  • Less Drama
  • Give him some time ~ Focus on him and put your phone down
  • Be Adventurous ~ try new things
  • Give him some “personal space”
  • Be willing to Spice up your sex life with a little bit of  “role play and naughtiness”
  • Spontaneity ~ Chill out and enjoy life. Be willing to change directions and be spontaneous

Playing video games and watching sports are two of the items that fall into the category of “might be nice,”  which is why I state 10 Things Men Look For. In my opinion, I don’t believe these are things most men will be searching for.  With that said, I do think the other items make a lot of sense.

Let’s be honest, the first thing that a man looks for is the attraction. Is the woman appealing and sexy to him. It’s not necessarily said that she’s beautiful to the world, but to him, she is.  A Woman will move from the attraction to what do they have in common as far as interests, ethics, etc. Perhaps this list from the article is where a man goes to next.  If the list isn’t the next step, it sounds like these items would be looked at over time. Will all men want you to be adventurous and spontaneous? Hmmm… I’m not sure but there are certainly those that do.

I have heard many comments from men about wishing the women would be the aggressor in bed more often. In addition, who wouldn’t like less drama in their lives?  I believe we all would like a lot less of it in ours. There is something wonderful to be said for peace and relaxation. And, as far as putting your phone down. YES ~ we all need to do this whether with a man, girl friend, acquaintance, relative or someone we work with. We need to be in the Present and focus on the person we are with.

So, what are your thoughts on this list? Have more to add?  Please join us over in our facebook group and let us know your thoughts ~ click here.

Want more articles on Sexuality?  Start here ~ we will be adding more and more over time. And yes, we will have some good solid info on number 11 ~ spicing up your sex life. Life is FUN!  Let’s be sure we are all enjoying it to the max.

Women don't know entirely what men look for in a mate. We think so differently, process our thoughts differently, and view the world differently. It's really difficult to know exactly what the opposite sex wants. Here are a few things that men like ...Advertisement

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