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A Powerful, Outstanding Yet Simple Tool For More Happiness

By Holli Rovenger | Happiness

Nov 19

Keeping a Journal can increase your Happiness. We have a few we’ve designed for you HERE . If you have a different design in mind, please email us and we will do our best to create it for YOU.

We’ve talked in the past about the fact that feeling grateful and acknowledging all the good things in our lives is a great way to increase our overall happiness. Getting in the habit of showing and experiencing more gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to increase the feelings of happiness.

It’s easy to say that you resolve to feel more gratitude and become happier. Putting it into action is a little harder. Luckily, there’s a simple little tool that will help you stay on track – a journal. A gratitude journal is wonderful and something that can have a surprisingly big impact on your life. You don’t need anything fancy. Grab a notebook and a pen, or if you prefer, boot up your computer and open up a word document.

Keep A Journal To Practice Gratitude And Happiness

This strategy is simple. Each day you want to write for a few minutes about the various things you feel grateful for. Think back on anything that made you happy throughout the day. By listing all the positive things in your life, you’re putting them into the forefront of your mind. This alone is bound to increase your mood and make you feel happier and more accomplished. If you have a lot of time in the morning, you can do your writing then. I prefer to do my journaling before I even begin my day. This starts my day off with a boost of happiness.


Not only will your writing help you right away, as you compose each daily entry, you’re also creating a great memento of your gratitude and happiness journey. Pull out your journal, curl up on the couch and read through it whenever you need a little boost of happiness. Seeing, in black and white, how far you’ve come throughout the past weeks, months, and even years is truly amazing.

As you start to read about the events and people that you felt grateful for in the past, you will  start to relive those memories, and with it those feelings. Think of your gratitude journal as a happiness battery. You’re storing your good feelings in an easy format that allows you to access and relive them on demand. This is incredibly powerful.

In addition, writing and reading your gratitude journal regularly will help you form new positive habits. You’ll start to have a more positive outlook on life, and since the journal forces you to think of and find the things and people you’re grateful for in any given day, your brain will automatically start to look for the positive instead of the negative. It’s easy to see how this can have a beneficial impact on your life over time.

If you’re ready to practice gratitude and work on increasing your happiness, start writing in a journal. You’ll be happy you did ~ no pun intended. Grab our Happiness Journal that we created just for You!

Really want to get happier and then help spread it around? Join our 30 Day Happiness Challenge Here ~ consider it your daily dose of Happiness!


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