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A Practical Way to Live That Will Make You Happier

By Holli Rovenger | Happiness

Nov 25

We live in a very materialistic society where the main goal seems to be to acquire more things. We buy bigger cars, bigger houses, and of course, lots and lots of items to fill these houses. The idea is that we can buy happiness by buying more “stuff.” We’ve been living this way in the western world for quite some time. But are we really happier with all these material possessions?

More and more people are starting to feel that all this extra stuff weighs us down and adds to the stress we’re feeling. All these things have to be taken care of and with bigger houses and cars come bigger maintenance issues and repair costs.

In the search for happiness there is a new trend of owning less, and living simpler, more minimalistic lives. We see it in the trend towards minimalism, tiny houses, and in the success of books like  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UpThere must be something to this idea of owning less, and focusing less on buying and owning “things.”

Does this mean that to be happy we need to give away all of our carefully acquired items, and move into a tiny house or apartment? Of course not. But what it may indicate is that spending a little time decluttering and getting rid of some things can give us a feeling of breathing room and freedom.


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It also means that instead of accumulating more things, we should try focusing on experiences. Instead of buying a fancy car, new furniture, or a new set of golf clubs, take the money and spend it on a fun trip. Use it to spend quality time with your loved ones, or friends, and make beautiful memories. Not only will you increase your happiness during the time you’re on vacation, you’ll also feel joy as you remember this trip and the time spent with your loved ones and friends. {You can relive your vacation over and over again if you keep a Travel Journal with you. Have you seen the one I created just for women like us? Check it out here If you’d like an autographed copy I’d be happy to do that as well}.

Vacations are great, but we can’t take them all the time and they aren’t always practical. Add to this idea of minimalism when it is a holiday, birthday or a milestone celebration. Think of spending quality time instead of buying gifts. Instead of buying another piece of clothing, jewelry or book for your mom or best friend, take her out  to lunch, high tea or dinner on her birthday, and spend some quality alone time.  Think experiences and making memories instead of buying more things.


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