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About Happy Women. About Permissible Informative Sex. About Time.

By Holli Rovenger | Sexuality

Apr 19

Sensuality and How this Chapter to The Women’s Inner Circle all began … A friend told me about this tiny promo he had seen about a ‘sexual stimulating cream combined with marijuana.’ Wow! What a combo. How could it possibly not be great? Right?  That was the consensus of a group of women I had mentioned this to. It got me to thinking about how my fav cream couldn’t be found anymore. Maybe I should try to recreate it combined with marijuana ~ (full disclosure, I’m an entrepreneur in my heart and soul and this is the way my mind works).

I let this thinking marinate for a few weeks and then connected with my friend who is also one of my mentors. He and I met at an event a few years ago, and when you and I meet in person please remind me to tell you the story. Yes, when the student is ready, the teacher truly does appear. But … I digress.  He is much better at texting than calling on the phone so I cautiously asked him if he knew of a scientist who could help me formulate a new product. I cautiously and briefly explained what I was looking for to which he then replied ~ why wouldn’t you think I would be comfortable with this?

So Much to Learn

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