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Best Apps to Use in Italy

By Holli Rovenger | Travel

Sep 22

Best Apps to use when traveling to Italy.

The Best Apps to Use in Italy

Traveling to Italy and discovering its hidden gems & well-kept secrets has never been easier, thanks to your smartphone.

Here’s a list of the best travel apps you can download to avoid getting lost and easily do as the locals do. Many of the apps are available on all platforms and don’t need an internet connection to function, so you don’t have to worry about expensive roaming costs.

Best Apps to Get Around

This free travel app is your complete mobile guide to Italy. It allows you to access offline maps and useful information on landmarks and restaurants in over 100 cities. Women traveling together will find this app so helpful,  with its easy-to-use interface and helpful tips.

  • ProntoTreno

Planning to explore Italy by train? Download Trenitalia’s free official app that lets you buy tickets in a few clicks and check the status of your trip. You can check schedules, purchase tickets, send your information to your calendar and track train status on the day you travel.

  • iMiBACT

This free app will take you through Italy’s artistic masterpieces and archeological sites. It is available for free on both iPhone and Android, and is packed with maps and descriptions of over 40 of the countries’ most famous museums and landmarks.

Best Apps to Communicate with the Locals

This app is your perfect partner in learning the beautiful Italian language. It can be accessed offline, and contains quick and useful lessons on basic words and phrases, along with their pronunciation. The lessons are categorized according to different situations (e.g. how to ask for directions or explain food allergies), so it’s easy for you to communicate in Italian with ease.

Developed by World Nomads, this app comes stacked with all the basic words and phrases you need to survive in Italy. It is most useful for its conversational language lessons.  Once of the best ways to get to know the Italian culture is through its language. When you try a few words – or even a few phrases – it goes a long way with Italians and helps to open doors both literally and figuratively. By World Nomads, the Italian Language Guide App is a fabulous way to keep you on the right track when needing to ask for directions, help, making small talk and for just being polite. 

Fiat created this handy little app that can be accessed even without an Internet connection. It works just like LingoLook in a way that it categorizes the useful words and phrases based on specific situations. It is highly recommended for foreign nationals traveling to Italy who don’t wish to pay for exorbitant roaming charges.

Best Apps to Dine Like the Locals

  • Cibando

Cibando is a free food guide app that sets itself apart with its delicious photographs of dishes from local restaurants. It’s very helpful for non-Italian speakers to get an idea of the various specialties served. Be sure to check out the convenient map feature which allows you to circle the area you’d like to dine in and preview its restaurants.

  • Zomato

Designed for Milan and Rome, Zomato is similar to Yelp but much more in-depth, and is widely used among locals. If you don’t want to download the app, you can check out the website which is just as easy-to-use as the app itself.

Though it comes at a $4.99 price tag, this app is famous for its acclaimed Italian food and wine guide. It is designed for true blue foodies who love to try anything from elegant restaurants to street food. This app is perfect for a group of women traveling together who are serious about checking out the best restaurants in town.

Are you planning to head to Rome, Florence or Venice? You’re in luck! Check out these apps for the best foodie spots in these areas.

Famous all around the world, TripAdvisor allows you to see what travelers from all over the world really have to say about a certain restaurant, bar or even a tourist attraction. Use the “Near Me” function to find the best spots in your area. Women traveling together will definitely be overjoyed by the tons of useful advice given by real travelers regarding the best apps to use.

Having useful travel Apps at your fingertips when you visit Italy can be a beautiful thing. Just make sure you’re either connected to wifi when using them (roaming fees can be astronomical) and/or use Apps that don’t require an internet connection.

Tuscany Wineries

By Rebecca Wine (love her name) the title of this App says it all. In addition to information about different wineries, the Tuscany Winery App allows you to view their locations on a map. 

Italy Travel Tips and Hints

Authored by Martha Bakerjian, this App offers a plethora of general Italy travel tips with information you should know before you go and how to navigate your way around in Italy once you arrive – from ordering coffee to buying train tickets. Plus there are tons of great photos to view.

Italian Menu Decoder

Trying to navigate through an Italian menu can be overwhelming. That’s where the Italian Menu Decoder by Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls comes in. With 6,000 words that are related to local Italian dishes from every region in Italy, you can find out what you’re ordering (or not ordering) and even learn background about the food or dish ~ we love that it’s educational as well.

An agriturismo is “technically” an agricultural property that rents rooms to tourists. In practice they are countryside B&Bs that range from humble to opulent, and since most are family-run, they’re a wonderful way to experience a deeper slice of Italy. It helps you browse hundreds of agriturismi so you can match up one to your travel style and needs. 

The Wonders of Italy – Rome and Florence

So far the The Wonders of Italy is offering Apps for Rome and Florence, but here’s hoping they add some other top Italian cites to their list. With an innovative approach to audio guides,  Wonders of Italy App boasts interactive/zoom-able maps, suggested walking routes to important sites, audio story telling narrated by American voice actor Gregory Snegoffand and no Internet required.


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