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Book Review ~ The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

By Holli Rovenger | Book Reviews

Aug 08

We met for our Book Club last evening and all unanimously loved this Book ~ The Nightingale. The story grabs you within a few pages and you do not want to put this book down.

I love learning about history through historical fiction so for me this book was especially enlightening. While some of the facts might not be 100 percent accurate, it still allows the readers to get a glimpse into this part of history with a different focus.  Most of the books written about World War II center around the concentration camps and what happened to the Jewish people (being Jewish myself, I do appreciate all that has been written in the past). This story was  interesting because it not only showed how the War affected different communities and individuals, it highlighted those who wouldn’t just accept what was being told to them. It illustrated the strength and tenacity of those who believed in a cause and risked their lives for it.

Throughout the book you can see how women’s roles slowly changed, the bonds that developed between women during wartime, how new and different friendships were formed, love before the war and love during wartime, and of course we see the unimaginable happen. As with most things told about World War II, it is hard to believe that human beings can be so cruel and exhibit such horrendous behavior.

The relationship between sisters, female friends and the women fighting for the same cause help illustrate how women truly are the The World’s Largest Untapped Resource for Making the World a Better Place.

This book had me shedding tears at the end because of all the emotion involved. My guess is that it will for you as well.  This is a wonderful read for you and for a great Book Club Discussion.

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