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What you create for your business ie. logo, colors, quotes, designs ... that makes you stand out from the competition and become easily recognizable and memorable.


Everything involved in building your business and having it run properly day to day. Operations includes everything from logistics and passwords to having the proper systems in Place. You need Legal, Talent, Financial and Client Management Systems to have your business run optimally.

Holli Rovenger The Womens Inner Circle

When you wake up every morning and can't wait to get to "work" ~ it's what you are meant to be doing! Don't settle for anything less.


Everything you do to generate and bring in Money. You will need a proper sales funnel that begins with your prospect, ends in a paying client, and all that falls in between.


Everything done to spread the word about your business and how you get found in a very noisy Marketplace. Includes Marketing Plans, Marketing Calendars, Launch Campaigns and Calendars, as well as Customer Relationship Management Tools.


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