Our First Giveaway will be a pair of Crystal Confetti Earrings.


Now, elegant pearls meet the playfulness of colored Swarovski crystals. The result? Crystal Confetti by E. Surprisingly dramatic earrings designed to reflect your birthstone or special holiday, Crystal Confetti captures your celebratory spirit, on your birthday or any time you feel like celebrating. Let them turn any outfit or occasion into a celebration. What a wonderful gift for yourself, your family and/or your friends!


Birthstone Colors:

Birthstones are linked to each month and have their own intriguing qualities. According to tradition, a birthstone brings good luck to a person born in its month. Giving someone an item of jewelry set with their birthstone is an extremely thoughtful gift. The wearer will treasure the jewelry because it has meaning and significance.

January – Glamorous Garnet – Constancy

February – Amazing Amethyst – Sincerity

March – Alluring Aquamarine – Courage

April – Dazzling Diamond – Innocence

May – Evocative Emerald – Love

June – Pure Pearl – Health

July – Ravishing Ruby – Contentment

August – Pretty Peridot – Married Happiness

September – Stunning Sapphire – Clear Thinking

October – Opulent Opal –Hope

November – Tantalizing Topaz – Faithfulness

December – Trendy Turquoise – Wealth


“E DESIGNS” and “ENTHRONED EMPRESS” was born as a way to honor my mother and to help make a difference in the fight against Lymphoma, the devastating illness that claimed her life in 2004. My decision to do this with jewelry was based on my passion for beautiful accessories, and on my mother’s appreciation and recognition of that passion.

My mother’s name was Elaine, and she was affectionately called “The Big E.” A celebrant of life and a devotee to the passions of her family, my mother embraced my sense of color and style, and was particularly taken with that sense as it related to my selection of jewelry. Whenever I bought a new bauble, Elaine would ask, “Is that enough now?” But, in her heart, she knew, as we all know, that one can never have enough jewelry.

In honor of “The Big E”, I began my own jewelry line and named the company E Designs; a few years later it was changed to Enthroned Empress.  A portion of all sales is donated in her name to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. I think that she would be very proud to know beauty might just help to find a cure for the ugliness of disease.

I hope that you enjoy every piece of jewelry and that you wear each piece in the best of health, knowing it was made with love, care and hope.