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Empowering Women through Wellness

empowering women through wellness

At the Highest level, We Aim to Provide:

A place you can trust

A place to ask questions

A sense of Community

A Place to help Women Feel they are not alone in their situation

… and a place to make new acquaintances and friends

In addition, we will have authors and contributors to the site. Our goal is to have them provide valuable information for you, and to help them grow. We hope you will reach out to them and use their services where applicable.

How You Can Become Involved and Part of The Women’s Inner Circle ...

  • First and Foremost, read the articles.
  • Then, when you have something to share (recipes, books to read, great resources …) or questions to ask, please either email us or ask over on our facebook group. 
  • Engage as much and as often as you can! Be sure to come on over to our facebook group and participate in the discussions. 
  • We would also love for you to apply to write an article and participate if you have an expertise or talent on a topic or hobby. The more you share, the more you'll increase your own personal circle.
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    Why Did We Start The Women’s Inner Circle and Information about the Creator and Publisher ...

    When you google for information, it’s too easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you’re just heading down one rabbit hole after another.

    We all want very personal recommendations from people we feel connected to that will bring us information that is relevant, useful and (drumroll please!) entertaining.

    What if YOU could come to a site that has all the resources, tools & tips etc., in one place, that you can access from anywhere, a site that is constantly being updated to reflect what’s going on now!

    empowering women through wellness

    My goal is to make this site your #1 Resource for Total Wellness. Wellness is so much more than just your physical health ~ which is what is taught by so many people.

    Food, Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, and of course Travel contribute to your state of wellness because they all effect our happiness and feelings of well being.                              

    So much that goes on in our lives impacts our state of wellness and since we want you to be the best you can be, we will include it all.   Think about your total wellness as an umbrella over your ...

    Physical        Social         Emotional       

    Environmental        Intellectual        Spiritual      

           Sexual       and   Financial Health      

    Along with tons of valuable information, you’ll receive heartfelt inspiration, entertainment and become part of a community of Women who want to learn, laugh, love and live their lives to the fullest. You will get practical “friend to friend” advice from me as well as professional insights from experts in women’s health, nutrition, finance, fashion, travel, business …, you name it.

    You have a request, we will try to find out for you! All will be vetted by yours truly, and I would like to have 100% of the experts be women but you will see some of my earlier podcasts did include men who truly had a lot to offer. Sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do.

    At this time I’m sure you may be thinking ~ OK Holli, but who are YOU? Why should I come to this site and make it a daily habit?

    Because of “reinventing” myself many times, I have a multitude of professional as well as personal life experience to share. In addition, friends and acquaintances have always asked me for advice and have thought in different situations ~ what would Holli do?

    My early years were spent in Wayne, New Jersey (a half hour outside of “The City).” Even though I moved to sunny South Florida after college with my family, I am still, and always will be, a Jersey Girl.

    The Serious Stuff

    Holli Rovenger had lived in the lap of luxury for 20 plus years, only to wake up one day and find out that her (then) husband had lost all their money. The only way to describe her experiences over the last several years, is to say that she was left in a boat in the middle of the ocean without any paddles and needed to learn how to get back to shore. Her self-confidence and ability to deal with life situations is what helped her learn how to “Dance in the Rain,” survive and thrive with a smile always on her face.

    Her mission is to empower women to step into their best lives for health, wealth and happiness.

    Holli is trained as a dietitian and an entrepreneur. She attended Syracuse University where she received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Nutrition and Dietetics; and Florida International University where she obtained her Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.).

    She is friendly, outgoing, optimistic, authentic, and extremely honest and trustworthy.  She has never met a stranger and is as comfortable speaking with the Queen of England as she is with the janitor. Holli has two beautiful, fabulous, and empowered children who are the light of her life. When she is not writing or presenting, Holli likes to spend time dancing, reading, cooking, playing bridge or mah jong, hiking, playing tennis or pickleball, skiing, traveling, going to the movies, attending shows, opera, dance and music events.

    Her educational background, life and travel experiences, added to her incredible attention to detail, make her the perfect person to publish this site as well as host The Women's Inner Circle Exclusive Experiences. 


    “The Enthroned Empress”

    As stated above, I had lived the life of an Empress for many years. I had beautiful homes, traveled, ate delicious gourmet dinners, and wore the finest jewelry… I enjoyed the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

    After I discovered the depth of my financial vulnerability, my friend and I wrote a poem to express the changes in my life. This poem has become my vision for all women.

    Dethroned – off guard – not ready… not rare

    Leaving our finances to ‘him’ as though I wasn’t there

    Too trusting, thus allowing my financial life

    To plunge me into a whirlpool of strife

    Something drastic has to change

    To help all women rearrange

    A new Enterprise will teach us how

    To empower women and the time is NOW

    Key information will make sure that we learn

    How to manage our lives and the money we earn.

    Knowledge has the power to open doors wide

    Insuring that women are filled with pride!

    Become a part of Enthroned Empress

    Success from the heart!

    My desire is to make the Dethroned Empress into an Empowered Empress.

    The Essence of an Enthroned Empress

    A truly Enthroned Empress is a well-rounded, self-confident, empowered woman. She invests time and energy to learn how to have a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy soul. An Enthroned Empress makes time to do something nice for herself each day, not only to take care of herself, but also to feel good and increase her self-esteem. She educates herself to become involved and informed about her financial status. She knows what’s going on in the world and is able to converse intelligently. She makes it her business to be an informed individual.

    And so I ask you ~ Perche No? Why Not?

    Florence, Italy

    Gelato in Italy ~ one of the best places in Florence

    Thank you for visiting.

    This site was built with you in mind and we hope you will find it useful. The more involved you become, the more you will enjoy it, and the more you will become part of Our Inner Circle.

    Your comments or questions are of course welcome.  Email us at Holli@thewomensinnercircle.com or Support@thewomensinnercircle.com

    Thanks so much and remember ~ Always Have a Positive Mindset so you can Live Healthier and Wealthier, and Happier with Passion!

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