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Fall Fashion Trends 2016

By Debra Bell | Coffee Talk

Aug 18
Pink Bow

What’s New for Fall

Fall will soon be upon us and if you are a fashionista, you want to stay on top of current fashion trends. Each season features new colors, and focuses on different accessories and ready to wear clothing. Some will work for you and others won’t, which is why we are happy there are always so many wonderful pieces to choose from.

Hot Colors for Fall

  • Pink ~ So feminine and lovely, we have always been a big fan of anything pink.
  • Red ~ LOVE the color red anytime on most items.
  • Green ~ A tough color for some to wear, but if it suits you, this fall you are in.
  • Black ~ Basic black is always in style, and one must always have at least one Little Black Dress in their closet. If you haven’t read our must haves in your ‘forever closet,’ be sure to check it out here.



  • Velvet
  • The Modern Mary Jane ~ Our favorite shoe. Always.
  • The Box Bag
  • Novelty Fur
  • Haute Hosiery ~ We love a straight line up the back of stockings; bows up the back; fishnets; polka dots; … Wearing these interesting stockings, will really make you feel good, stand out, and elicit some fun compliments.

Ready to Wear

  • Sparkle ~ Bring it on.
  • Velvet ~ We absolutely love all things velvet!
  • Novelty Fur
  • Slip Dress ~ Simple and sexy.
  • Embellished Jackets ~ You should always have at least one of these in your ‘Forever Closet.’


  • Military Coats ~ Might not be for you but they are fun to browse.
  • Powder Suit
  • Ruffles and Bows ~ We love both and they suit women who dress very femininely.
  • Track Suits are in for both women and men. Great for lounging around, or a Sunday Brunch. Juicy Couture is making a fashion-world comeback. We have been a fan of Juicy and happy they have come out with a new line without writing on them ~ Exclusive to Bloomingdales.

If you find something really cool in the stores, please let us know over in our private facebook group!

This information was provided by Debra Bell who is the ‘At Your Service!’ Manager for Bloomingdales in Boca Raton Florida.  Debra has been my personal shopper for over 15 years. She is happy to help you no matter where you live in the Country.

561 504-5764


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About the Author

Debra Bell is the 'At Your Service!' Manager for Bloomingdales in Boca Raton, Florida. She is happy to help you no matter where you live in the Country. 561 504-5764