Sex and Money Plus Food usually can capture most people’s attention.

Food Sex Money

As you read through this article, please be sure to note that the steps I talk about in “ADD RESULTS” will apply to mastering other areas of your life as well.

What do your weight, sex and money have in common?

To the casual observer managing your weight, sex, and money may appear to have no similarities or connection whatsoever. I maintain that the three subjects have everything in common:

• Choices need to be made and some guidance may be required to achieve the maximum benefits

• The Right Mindset needs to be engaged

• You need to take Responsibility for managing each in a healthy way

• Communication skills are necessary (inwardly and outwardly)

• Overcoming fear, challenges or obstacles in each area needs to be accomplished for ultimate success

• You may want additional education and to gain new skill sets

See, there may be more here than meets the eye.

If you are off kilter in any of the three areas, you will not experience the happiness you are capable of. Let’s say, for example, that you have been trying to lose the same twenty pounds over and over again. Do you think having all the money and sex you want in your life will make you happy?

Some may say yes, but if you are feeling tired, sluggish, have any medical issues due to the excess weight, my guess is it won’t, or at least not as happy as you could be.

On the other side of the coin, let’s say you are at a healthy weight and all your medical values are where they should be. Mismanaging or not having enough money or sex will make you feel stressed, grumpy and just plain irritable which could ultimately lead to a change in that healthy weight over time. This will potentially be due to the hormonal changes in your body (stress hormones that are released, and not enough of the positive hormones that are released during sex). There’s a lot going on in our bodies that really connect these three areas together.

How to Master the Best in All

So, what do you need to do to master the best habits of each?

There is an abundance of information in books or on-line. So the problem in tackling improvement in any of the three areas is not a lack of information; it’s too much information or a delay in taking that first step.

Change can only come if you are confident and unafraid.

Fear comes in many different colors and flavors:

• #1 ~ Fear of success

• #2 ~ Fear of failure

• #3~ Fear of change

• #4 ~ Fear of embarrassment and so forth

The thing is you can take 100 % responsibility and control of whatever aspect of your life that you want to. Taking 100 % responsibility for your life in each of these areas will have a profound effect on you. You will experience personal, psychological and physical transformations that can also spillover into your professional world as well.


I know it’s possible. The secret is that you need to believe it’s possible for you too! You need to first and foremost truly becoming aware and then make the needed changes in a step by step pattern with support and accountability in place.

I have created a system that will guide you through the changes you need to take in whatever area you are trying to master. I call it my ADD RESULTS to your life system:

A Awareness and Accountability

D Decision and Declaration

D Determine your deep Why

R Research what resources are available in skills, money, time, etc. Study the six areas that could be impacting the way you eat, sleep and act –manage money, have sex, …

E Embrace and experiment with all available resources, strategies and tactics one at a time

S Shape your future. Implement the strategies and tactics that work

U Use new habits that work repeatedly and ALLOW yourself to move forward

L Leverage your new skills to other areas of your life. When you apply – deliberate application of skills in different areas of your life you can create lasting change

T Tabulate == measure your success

S See your future and keep taking positive steps on a daily basis. Keep Envisioning

Take mastery in all three of these important areas of your life.

You have 2 choices – keep doing what you have been doing or make the changes necessary to live your best life. Which choice will leave you with the least regret? Make that choice and move forward with confidence.