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This is what happens when Grandmas Have Had Enough. Want to be in the know?

By Holli Rovenger | Environmental

May 18

Women and guns are a very hot topic today.

It is very easy to assume that most gun buyers in the United States of America are between 50 to 65 years old and male. You’d be surprised, however, at how many females born between 1946 and 1964 are also buying guns. In addition, they are learning how to use them. In fact, according to “The Girl’s Guide to Guns,’ the number of women who owned guns skyrocketed to 23% in 2011 from 13% in 2005.

Women and guns ~ Dive into the three most popular reasons why these women boomers are choosing to arm themselves.

Having a gun provides them with a sense of safety

As there has been an increase in the incidents of gun violence and mass shootings in the United States, women have opted to purchase their own handguns to give them a sense of safety and control. Personal protection in the home is the first and foremost reason why gun ownership among women has increased in the last couple of years.


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Not only does gun ownership and personal defense training allow them to feel in control when somebody breaks into their homes, it also helps make them feel more empowered. This makes women feel that they have the ammunition to remain safe, and protect themselves and their families in case of an emergency.

Shooting is a fun pastime

Shooting has always been regarded as a male hobby, but it is increasingly taking a place in women boomers’ agendas.  This many be possibly due to the rapid proliferation of women’s shooting clubs. It is becoming very popular not only in small towns, but also in the larger cities like Atlanta, Houston and New York.

More and more women are going to firing ranges for fun and to release steam. It has quickly become a hobby of choice for many busy and on-the-go women. They are looking for a way to get rid of stress, and bond with other ladies their age.

The social nature of these ladies’ only clubs on the firing range is an excellent way to meet likeminded individuals who live in your area.

Women and guns

Shooting provides women with a positive self-image

Female gun owners started purchasing guns and learning how to shoot for different reasons, but this interest in firearms has proven not to be just a mere hobby or a means for self-defense. It has also become a powerful statement of independence and personal power.

A lot of women claim that self-defense and firearm shooting have inspired them to eat healthier and take up weight lifting. Shooting has helped them realize that they have other ways to boost themselves and their self-esteem.

Shooting has become for many women the starting point to stepping outside of their comfort zones and finding other activities to make them the best versions of themselves.

Are you surprised about this new trend?

Truth is – there is nothing surprising about this rising trend. After all, gun manufacturers are aggressively looking for new ways to grow their business.  What better for them than to capitalize on the fear brought about by the unwarranted gun violence all over the United States?

The growing need for women to protect themselves will surely remain a strong reason for gun ownership within this niche. The gun industry is quick to pick up on this fear, as they have found a sweet spot for advertising towards women. From developing special firearm models with “girly” colors like pink and yellow, creating customized accessories for fashion-savvy baby boomers to partnering with women’s only organizations to start exclusive shooting groups.

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