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Here’s How to Dramatically Crystallize Your Focus

By Holli Rovenger | Happiness

Dec 01

Intentionally focusing on being happier can and will make a huge difference for you.

Throughout the past 28 days we’ve been talking a lot about happiness and what we can do to increase it in our lives. We’ve talked about a variety of things from how sleep, exercise and nutrition can affect your mood, to simple strategies like decluttering and practicing gratefulness. Simple strategies yet incredibly powerful.

Tomorrow I’ll give you a quick little review and we’ll make some plans to go from here. Today though, as this 30 Day Happiness Challenge is coming to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to take stock and see if intentionally focusing on being happier is making a difference for you. I know it has for me, but what about you? I hope you’ve been following along and giving the various tips, tricks strategies, and ideas a try.


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Intentionally focusing on being Happier

Are You Noticing A Difference?

We discussed the importance of  keeping a journal. At the time, the idea was to practice gratitude, and pay attention to the good things around you by writing them down.  That same journal is also a great tool to keep track of how you’ve been doing throughout this challenge. Compare the earlier entries to the last few, or even how you’re feeling now. Hopefully you’re seeing some great improvements. Small positive steps can equal big results.

It’s important to remember that we go through seasons in our lives. There are times that we are happier overall, and times that are more challenging and can be sad. It’s ok to go through these different phases. I mentioned in one of the articles in this challenge that it would be monotonous if we only experienced happiness. We need to have the ups and downs to make the happy times really stand out more. Without the tough times it’s hard to truly appreciate the good ones. If you’re stuck in a tough time, that’s ok. Do what you can to help yourself and your loved ones get through it, and then work on bringing the joy and happiness back into your lives.

More than anything else I hope this short little challenge is making you more aware of the beauty and joy around you. It’s so easy to get pulled into the issues, and possible troubles, in our everyday lives to a point where we miss the people and things that will make us happy. This challenge was designed to make you more aware of them and create new, positive habits that you will continue to carry forward from here on out.

We’ll talk a little more about where to go from here in tomorrow’s wrap up. For now, I hope this has made a difference for you. I’d love to hear how you’ve enjoyed this challenge, and what you’ve found particularly helpful. Connect with me on social media or send an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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