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How is Jewelry a part of ‘Symbols of Female Empowerment’

By Holli Rovenger | Life

Jan 04

‘Symbols of Female Empowerment’—Is Jewelry one of the symbols?

Jewelry has long served women as a symbol of strength and courage but why is that? Is it a symbol of femininity? Or a symbol of Female Power?

Why, throughout thousands of years and across many different cultures, did our ancestors craft beautifully intricate and time-consuming talismans like jewelry?

The only answer we can really come to is that it was important to them. And even today, in modern times, female empowerment can be sourced from jewelry.

In this article, you will discover how jewelry brings women together as well as sets us apart.

Why is Jewelry part of ‘Symbols of Female Empowerment’?

I remember as a child uncovering my mother’s jewelry for the first time and asking where it all came from and why she even wore it. She had jewelry from her mother and grandmother and, of course, some of her own, too. [I had even designed jewelry in the past and had my own jewelry line.]

Many women love obtaining unique and stylish jewelry but why do we do it? The seemingly simple answer is that it’s important to each of us in our own way.

Jewelry helps us to distinguish our own personalities in the form of beautiful little pieces of art. At the same time, these amulets make us feel beautiful and confident.

Though jewelry may seem like just another trinket, it’s really so much more. It’s family; It’s tradition; It’s individuality; It’s love. I believe this is why jewelry is so important to us and why it is such a strong symbol of female empowerment.

Symbols of Female Empowerment—Jewelry

How is Jewelry, as a Source of Empowerment for Women, Beneficial?

Though it may seem trivial to place so much weight on jewelry, it really does have a number of benefits. From boosting self confidence to reminding us of loved ones passed, jewelry is a wonderful thing!

Just think for a moment about how many times you have complimented another woman on the jewelry she’s wearing. I know I have several times, and each time I can see that person’s eyes light up and feel their gratitude.

Jewelry empowers women by improving self-confidence and allows us to show our own individual tastes and styles. It can also help us to show our love when we gift jewelry to other women like mothers and sisters.

It even helps us to understand who we are or who we want to be. If you want to feel elegant, a classic string of pearls can do that. If you want to feel edgy, a layered necklace set with beautiful designs and symbols can do that.

It’s no wonder so much importance has been held around jewelry throughout generations and throughout the globe.

 If you are ever in need of a confidence boost, one of the simplest things you can do is change up your jewelry. And in doing so, change up your outlook on life.

Jewelry is truly amazing and versatile. It’s beautiful and sweet, or edgy and loud. Sometimes it’s even gorgeous and elegant. It’s the love of our mothers or grandmothers, or of our spouses. Jewelry is something small that makes a big impact on all of our lives.

It even helps us women to feel the strength and courage we need in a world that demands so much of us; Helping us to stand up and say, “bring it on!”


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