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How to Include 10 Foods That Will Actually Help You

By Holli Rovenger | Physical

Jun 05

Phytochemicals, antioxidants, and more ~ oh my!

Food to Include in Your Diet as Often as Possible

Include these  10 ‘PERFECT’ FOODS  in your diet to keep cancer at bay

A good portion of the American public uses the emergency room as their physician.  This not only drives up the cost of health care, but goes against the whole idea of Prevention. I am going to provide you with a list of the top 10 healthy foods to include in your diet to help prevent cancer.

Each of these foods contain Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals are  protective  plant chemicals that are known for their roles in maintaining a cancer free life.  Use these foods as a “starting” point to upgrade your diet!

Phytochemical(s):  Lignan

Top choices: Flax seed, Olive

Alternatives: Avocado

Phytochemical(s):  Isoflavones

Top choices: Soy

Alternatives: Green Pea

Phytochemical(s): Phytates

Top choices: Wheat Germ

Alternatives: Whole Grains

Phytochemical(s): Lycopenes, Gamma carotenes

Top choices: Tomato

Alternatives: Red Pepper

Phytochemical(s):  Isothiocyanates, Dithiolthiones, Indoles

Top choices: Broccoli

Alternatives: Spinach

Phytochemical(s): Phthalides, Polyacetylenes

Top choices: Carrot

Alternatives: Canteloupe

Phytochemical(s): Limonoides,  Beta cryptoxanthin

Top choices: Tangerine

Alternatives: Orange

Phytochemical(s): Ellagic Acid

Top choices: Strawberry

Alternatives: Grapes

Phytochemical(s): Catechins

Top choices: Green Tea

Alternatives: Wine

Phytochemical(s): Allicin

Top choices: Garlic

Alternatives: Onion

Source: A Perfect 10 by Dr. Laura Pawlak, Jeblar, Inc. 1999

How much and how often to eat them:

                                                                How much                           How often

  1. Flax                                             1 teaspoon                                per day
  2. Soy                                          1 cup drink or ½ cup Soy          per day
  3. Wheat germ                                ¼ cup                                      per day
  4. Tomato                                    1 whole or ½ cup                      per day                          
  5. Broccoli                                         2 cups                                    per week
  6. Carrot                                             1 cup                                     per week
  7. Tangerine/orange                        1 whole                                 per day
  8. Strawberries                                  1 cup                                     per week
  9. Green tea                                        1 cup                                     per day
  10. Garlic                                              1 clove                                   per day



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How to include in your meals:

  • Flax:      Flax seed oil can be used, or eat flax seeds, whole or ground into a meal, like wheat germ (no fishy smell or taste!). I use 1/2-3/4 teaspoon in my smoothies.

With baking:  ground flaxseed has a stronger aroma than the whole seeds so it also produces a heavier bread.  Use the ground seeds in dark whole-grain breads, buckwheat pancakes, and fruit-flavored muffins. You can try substituting a portion of ground flaxseed  for an equal amount of flour.  Replace ¼ cup of the flour with ground seeds, adding an extra tablespoon of liquid if the batter or dough is too thick.  Heat accelerates  the oxidation of flaxseed oil; keep the temperature as low as you can, no higher than 350 degrees.

        With cooking:  Sprinkle nutty tasting flaxseeds over cereal, swirl into hot oatmeal,  and drizzle into hot soups.  To thicken soup, add ½ to 2 Tablespoons whole seeds per cup of liquid about five to ten minutes before serving.  To enrich oatmeal, add up to ¼ cup whole seeds per oats or flour.

  • Soy:  With soy beans, add seasonings and spices during cooking when served in a soup, stew or casserole to get rid of “ beany” flavor.

Try Edamame and Soy Nuts; Tofu and Hummus.

  • Wheat germ – Try a couple of Tablespoons of wheat germ on hot or cold cereal, or yogurt. Replace ¼ of the flour with wheat germ when baking! 

Recipe: Wheat Mush –

1 cup Kashi  (prepare according to package and set aside).

4 1/3 cups water

¼  tsp salt

1 cup Wheatena

½ cup Cream of Wheat ( 10 Min. variety)

1/3 cup brown sugar

Cooking spray

Bring water, salt, Wheatena, and Cream of Wheat to a rapid boil; reduce to medium heat and cook another 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in Kashi and brown sugar, then pour into  a small loaf pan.  Tap pan on counter to remove any bubbles and let stand until cool.  Refrigerate overnight. Slice in ½” slices and fry in nonstick skillet with a light coating of cooking spray until golden brown on both sides.  Serve with mashed fruit.  This dish is filling and will serve about 8.

  • Tomato –

Try some sundried tomatoes as well.  Sprinkle sundried tomatoes on pizza, pasta, soup, salad, bruschetta, vegetable dip, and breads. Substitute for fresh tomatoes in salsa, sauces, chili, and brown rice pilaf.

  • Broccoli –

Eat cooked or raw in salads or as a snack with lowfat salad dressing.

  • Carrot-

Eat cooked or raw in salads or as a snack with lowfat salad dressing.  I also love a carrot soufflé!

  • Tangerine/orange-

Can  eat plain or include in fruit salads; also to perk up green salads

  • Strawberries-

Can  eat plain or include in fruit salads; also to perk up green salads

  • Green tea – I use an amazing  product coming that will give you all the health benefits of green tea (plus a ton of others) but no caffeine
  • Garlic

Not only for cooking; I love roasted garlic spread on fresh crunchy bread!

Do you have a better grasp on foods with Phytochemicals and antioxidants now?  Hopefully this list of the top healthy foods to help prevent cancer, and guidelines to including in your diet, was helpful and that you’ll start including these as often as you can.

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