Being, and interacting, with other people at a Social Event is healthy. Truth be told, it’s not that hard to make an everyday activity into a Social Event.

A Little Background Information

My friend Pat is Italian and knows I love everything about Italy. She is such an incredible person that when I asked her if she could teach my group (going to Italy) some Italian, she not only agreed but came over with typed pages for everyone. She went far and beyond what I had expected.  What she did was extremely appreciated and really made learning Italian that much more enjoyable. To this day, she continually teaches me new words, and of course corrects me whenever I say anything wrong.

Social Event Details

A little over a month ago, Pat emailed me regarding a PBS special about Southern Italy. It sounded incredible because they were going to be showing aerial views of the entire Countryside.  I couldn’t watch on the nite it was scheduled so I suggested she tape the show, and we could perhaps watch it together at another time.

We decided on an evening to watch the special, and made a plan to have dinner before. When I responded asking where we should go to eat, she emailed back in very clear Italian ~ we will eat here. We went back and forth because I did not want her to fuss at all. That wasn’t my intention when I had asked her to tape the show. She was very adamant about cooking, and of course I offered to help by bringing some food, but she would have none of that. {Imagine an Italian Woman and a Jewish one going back and forth about food}. Well, I told her she was a stubborn Italian and then I got an entire lesson in Italian about that – I LOVED IT! Too funny.

Anyway, Pat had suggested I invite a mutual friend to watch with us, which I did. The night we were going to watch the special arrived and when we got to Pat’s house she had invited one of her neighbors as well. It turned out to be a really lovely evening. We socialized for awhile over dinner and then watched the PBS special.  It was a beautiful and enjoyable show and I heartily recommend it if you see it advertised again.

Part of the Delicious Meal We Were Treated To

Prosciutto with Italian Melon and Figs Stuffed with Goat Cheese (Yummy) I found this recipe for the Stuffed Figs that’s a little different but delicious none this less.



Special Italian Pasta with Cauliflower and Peas


Roasted Peppers



Incredibly Delicious Homemade Tiramisu



I of course brought some dessert over (I was taught never go to someone’s home for dinner empty handed) but you can guess … we never ate it that nite.

This was just a wonderful night to look forward to, and then to truly enjoy.

The moral of the story is ~ when an interesting Television Special is scheduled, turn it into a social event. Tape it and invite some friends over for dinner and then to watch. You don’t have to do all the cooking ~ you can have everyone bring part of the dinner. The company and socializing is what makes it so wonderful and fun.

A Social Event and Evenings like this ~ where you have social connection, conversation, laughter and fun contribute to our overall Wellness, and adds to our  Happiness!