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Is Your Shortage of Sleep Harming Your Life?

By Holli Rovenger | Physical

Aug 30

 Is Your Shortage of Sleep Harming Your Life?

Quality sleep is as important to our health as good nutrition, exercise and drinking enough water. Yet, we often cut back on sleep in favor of “getting more done.” Chronic shortage of sleep can cause a wide range of symptoms, including impaired brain function, memory loss, depression, weight gain and irritability. Long-term health issues include increased risk for heart attack and stroke. 

Answer the following true/false questions to discover whether shortage of sleep is getting in your way:

1. Instead of feeling refreshed when I wake up, I still feel tired.
2. I have to have coffee to get going in the morning and often depend upon other caffeine or sugar boosts to get through the day.
3. I feel easily irritated, impatient and/or moody, and my relationships are being affected.
4. I feel depressed sometimes, but don’t have the time to deal with it.
5. I have a hard time controlling my emotions—and find myself at the point of tears without really knowing why.
6. I often feel overwhelmed, and my ability to handle stress is diminished.
7. I have difficulty concentrating and sometimes have to ask people to repeat what they just said.
8. My memory, in general, isn’t as good as it used to be.
9. I have a hard time staying awake when I read or watch television.

Discover Whether Shortage of Sleep is Getting in Your Way.

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10. I doze off easily.
11. I don’t have the energy to do fun things with my partner, and that is creating stress in our relationship.
12. I get sleepy when I drive and have to do things to keep myself alert, such as drinking a soda or keeping the windows open to get more fresh air.
13. My reaction time when I drive isn’t as fast as it once was.
14. I’m not performing as well at work; everything takes longer than it used to.
15. I’ve been dropping the ball at work and at home, not following through with simple tasks.
16. I don’t feel very motivated—I just don’t have the energy.
17. I’ve been eating more to boost my energy and my weight has been creeping up.
18. I get sick often.
19. People tell me that I look tired.

If you answered true to several of these statements, your sleep deprivation may be harming your overall health and well-being. Master Your Perfect Night's Sleep with this wonderful challenge! Click here
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