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Lee Pencek Speaks About Tap Into Your Terrific in Tuscany 2016

By Holli Rovenger | Praise

Jun 07


Lee Pencek attended “Tap Into Your Terrific” in Tuscany ~ May 2016 and was very pleasantly surprised as to what she discovered. Listen to the video to hear what she had to say. In addition, here are more of her thoughts that she journaled on her last day:


“At the end of the day, I took a little time contemplating and savoring the events of this most amazing holiday. What a great experience. Tuscany! The hotel and meals were warm and inviting but, by far, the people add richness like a mosaic pattern of colorful yarn. Through new friends and experiences I felt happy. But certainly I can’t leave out the beautiful landscapes, quaint villages, historical sites, shopping, wine, food and meals. This gave text to the patterns. The combination provided me with the most unforgettable experience and an awareness of self. Because sometimes being alone doesn’t mean being alone. And that’s important to remember. Holli may have organized this great trip but I don’t think she realized the mental wellness and restorative qualities it gave me. One of the best trips ever!!!”

“Home now but dreaming of our fantastic holiday in the Tuscan hills at La Boscarecce. A perfect blend of beauty and comfort. I am so pleased that Holli worked so hard to find the perfect place …..the most magical holiday anywhere.”

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