In today’s article Santa Fe New Mexico Tourism Facts, Restaurants & Attractions we are going to be talking about how to maximize your stay when visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Santa Fe New Mexico Tourism Facts

Santa Fe is popular among tourists for its chic art galleries, fancy restaurants and diverse shops that sell everything from Moroccan jewelry to Native American furnishings. This charming city features very rich and varied historical and cultural activities – so much so that it is touted Santa Fe by UNESCO as a designated creative city for its pioneer contributions in arts, craft, design and lifestyle.

If you’re looking to make the most out of your visit to Santa Fe, here are some experiences you shouldn’t miss out on:

Santa Fe Attractions for The Architectural Lover

Santa Fe is home to a number of cathedrals and historical places, which makes it such a photogenic city to visit. The St. Francis Cathedral is a must-see destination in town, what with its impressive interiors that are truly reminiscent of the Spanish era. The Loretto Chapel is another beautiful masterpiece that stood the test of time. Built in 1878, it was modeled after the Gothic Sainte Chapelle in Paris. However, the best way to enjoy the architectural beauty of Santa Fe is to start at the Plaza and work your way out.

Restaurants in Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you’re the type of traveler who enjoys going on culinary adventures, visiting restaurants in Santa Fe is an excellent destination of choice. For breakfast, don’t miss out on blue-corn pancakes or the Aztec Warrior Chocolate Elixir at Kakawa Chocolate. If you fancy a cold treat on a warm summer day, the strawberry-habanero gelato at Ecco makes for a refreshing indulgence. Also, for a memorable dining experience, be sure to treat yourself to an authentic New Mexican meal at The Shed or Café Pasqual’s. You can also sign up for cooking lessons in Santa Fe at The Santa Fe School of Cooking. After all, it is an exceptional foodie city with no shortage of good culinary experiences for all budgets!

Santa Fe Attractions for Museum Enthusiasts

Santa Fe New Mexico is home to a number of world-class museums, which are all highly relevant to the culture of the northern New Mexico region. At the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, you can gain a better understanding of the influence of the Spanish empire beyond Spain. The Museum of International Folk Art is an interesting one, as well. It features more than 135,000 artifacts that can truly captivate both young and old. You also will not want to miss out on The Georgia O’keeffe Museum, the country’s sole museum dedicated to a woman artist.

Santa Fe Attractions for the Festival Goer

Are you a fan of community events and big celebrations? Santa Fe hosts an unending series of community fairs, festivals and celebrations, of which the most famous is called Fiesta de Santa Fe. This large event, usually held during mid-September, happens during the weekend after Labor Day. Another highly acclaimed festival is the Santa Fe Show-Objects of Art. This annual mid-August event is very popular among tourists and art collectors. During this festival, the entire downtown is filled with stalls of American Indian arts and crafts, ranging from trinkets and pottery to high-quality collection pieces.


Santa Fe Attractions for the Art Lover

Santa Fe New Mexico is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to shop specifically for Native American Indian arts and crafts. The Lyn A Fox Fine Pueblo Pottery at Traders Collection, for example, curates and displays fine historic Pueblo pottery coming from the eight northern pueblos. If you’re looking to visit chic art galleries and purchase fine art, make sure you walk down Canyon Road. This street is filled with unique and quirky art galleries such as the Axle Contemporary and Chuck Jones Gallery.

Axle Contemporary features works by both established and emerging New Mexico-based artists, while the Chuck Jones Gallery memorializes the great cartoon artist who was responsible for the characters of Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner. The latter is not very typical of the Santa Fe art scene, but it is highly entertaining.

Santa Fe New Mexico Tourism Facts, Restaurants & Attractions

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