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Enjoy your trip knowing that you have all the right details in place, and haven’t forgotten anything!

You will no longer have blurred memories of what you did on that amazing trip you took, and you will never lose your itineraries, confirmation numbers, etc. because of the additional organizational guidance this journal provides.

Ultimate Travel Journal and Planner

Yes, you can go on your trip relaxed, organized, and knowing that you will remember all the exquisite details of your adventure!

💜 Are you frustrated because you couldn’t remember the specific details of a special trip, or that all the memories seem to have blended together?

I totally understand, because trust me I’ve been there.

If you’re like most women, you probably know what it’s like to plan all the details for an amazing trip, and then after you get back all the fabulous memories seem to have blended together, and on top of that you had some amazing a-ha moments that you now can’t even remember.

And we all know this leads to disappointment and frustration.

Up until now there have been journals that you can write in as you travel.

The only problem with most is that’s what they end up being ~ just a glorified itinerary of your trip. They don’t prompt you to take your trip to the next level.

That’s why today I’m so excited to share with you, The Ultimate Travel Journal.

💜 A woman’s Blueprint to

  • crafting meaningful moments
  • unforgettable adventures, and
  • memories to last a lifetime.

💜 Want checklists to help you pack for your trip with ease?

💜 Ready to have all the details of your trip in one place?

💜 Love the idea of learning how to truly ‘Experience’ the places you visit?

💜 Would you like to remember all the exquisite details of your trip so you can share with friends and family members?


      If you answered YES to any of these questions, THE Ultimate Travel Journal can HELP YOU!


Comprehensive! A place for everything, and everything in its place. From day one The Ultimate Travel Journal provides guidance, focus, suggestions, to-do lists. Complete preparation. You close the door behind you and it becomes your reference. As you travel it is the place to record events and your interpretation of what they mean to you. It is your journal. You return, unpack your suitcase and realize YOU have written a book about your adventure – a gift to yourself – a keepsake!

Susan G.

World Traveler


Please note the video shows the Journal as a Book, You will receive the printable version.

This works with your computer, printed out, or you can upload and use with a Digital App. 

Checklist for Travel

With The Ultimate Travel Journal Printable …

✔️ You will no longer have blurred memories of what you did on that amazing trip you took, and you will never lose your itineraries, confirmation numbers, etc. because of the additional organizational guidance this journal provides.

✔️The Ultimate Travel Journal will open up a new world of fun and adventure for you.

✔️Imagine sitting down with your daughter and then granddaughter and being able to share every wonderful moment of your trip with her in so many details, that she feels she has been there with you.

This journal will help you ‘experience‘ your destination so that this trip will be truly memorable for you!



Ultimate Travel Journal and Planner


  • Increase Your Travel Experiences!                                     
  •    8.5″ x 11″ printable PDF pages
  • Available in both color and black and white
  • Plan and track your Travels with ease!


A Printable Travel Planner/Journal that includes Sections for you to Record:

    • Why Keep a Journal?
    • Planning Sections—
    1. Before You Go
    2. Be Prepared
    3. Useful Apps and Websites for Trip Planning
    4. Checklists for pre-vacation needs and packing
    5. Packing Tips
    6. On the Plane
    7. Travel Itinerary
    8. Personal Info and Important Medical Information
    9. Useful Apps and Websites Before and During Your Travel
    10. Money Conversion Resources
    11. Tips to Enjoy your Trip to the ultimate degree
    12. Specific Travel Apps for Your Destination
    13. Time Clocks from Around the World
    14. Maps
    15. Activities
    16. Dream List of Places to See at Your Destination
    17. Best Ways to Get Around Locally
    • A fun and flirty Daily Journal with prompts (80 Pages)
    • Trip Expenses
    • Contact Details for New People You Meet and Want to Stay in Touch With
    • Travel Summary
    • Reflection Journal (20 Pages)

    There are 176 Pages total and you can make copies of any of the sections as needed! Will enhance your travel experience and help make your trip that much more enjoyable and memorable!

    Please note— This is an instantly downloadable product. Nothing will be shipped. The Ultimate Travel Journal can be printed out in Color or Black and White (Greyscale)—Your Choice.


    A Printable Travel Journal  you can’t live without…


    Happiness Guide

    I’m Holli Rovenger, Mom, Dietitian, Author, and Entrepreneur.

    For the last 20 plus years I’ve worked with women to empower them to step into their best lives. I am trained as a dietitian and a business woman. In addition, I have traveled extensively, been told I have exquisite taste, and have been called “classy” and “sassy.”

    Using my organizational skills and amazing attention to detail, I have written this book for you to learn how to take your travel and memories to the next level.

    To learn more about my education (aka the “serious stuff”) and more about my story, feel free to visit my about page or reach out.

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    Holli didn’t miss a thing. This is the most informative and inclusive Travel Journal, which I feel is a must for all women traveling.

    Brenda K.


    Imagine what it would be like if …

    ☑️ You were at ease when leaving the house to go on your trip, knowing you were totally prepared

    ☑️ You had all the information for your trip in one organized place so if you need one detail you can easily find it ….

    ☑️ You had a place to write down all the wonderful things that happened on your trip in one place…

    ☑️ You felt relaxed and at home in whatever city or country you were in because you were prepared …

    When you use The Ultimate Travel Journal you will see that this is all possible!

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