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We have two different insert covers for our Empress cloths but be assured, the cloth is the same in both!

We also sell our products to residential and janitorial cleaning companies. They love our cloths  and what it does for their cleaning service! If you are a cleaning company please contact us directly at 954 600-0183. We’d love to help you take care of your cleaning needs.

Not only will your glass and mirrors never streak, your counters and tile will never look better. If you do get any streaks when you first use your cloth (don’t panic), it is only a residue from the manufacturing of the cloth. Just run the cloth through a wash cycle or wring the cloth (several times) with warm water before using.

Use water only when cleaning….. wet cloth….. wring it out hard, wipe, and walk away….. It’s that simple….. It will clean better than chemicals.

Say goodbye to your glass cleaner, chemicals, and paper towels.  [Fran Drescher has a non-profit educational organization that teaches people the importance of getting the chemicals out of their homes. You can read some information here. ]

Do not dry your glass or mirrors. They will dry streak free on their own.

When using on sensitive surfaces, care should be taken not to get debris or contaminants that might scratch the surface between the cloth and the surface being cleaned.

Charity and Giving Back

To our valued Empress Cloth customers. Empress Cloth products are all about getting chemicals out of the home to keep you healthier and helping to save the environment, while at the same time saving our customers money and time.

Our cloths clean more effectively and are more environmentally conscious, using no cleaning products! Using our cloths you simply wet, wring, wipe and you’re done – cleans, dries and polishes in one wipe! Using only a little bit of water with our cloths/mops you can clean your home, glass tables, mirrors, television, computer screen, vehicle, motorcycle, office, glasses, small electronics and so much more. Great for everyone, healthier and more environmentally conscious.

Enthroned Empress, Inc. is a big supporter of becoming healthier. We also believe strongly in giving back to society. For every cloth purchased we will donate a portion of the proceeds to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society . The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society will in turn be able to continue it’s valuable research in finding a cure for these horrible diseases!! Let’s take the joy of cleaning with our Cloths and help eradicate Cancer once and for all!

 The Empress Cloth ~ Product Description

The Empress Standard  Cloth (Approx. 16″ x 16″)

The perfect size for most cleaning jobs. Made from the highest quality of Microfiber material. Our cloths excels at cleaning all surfaces. Simply wet, wring, wipe, and you’re done. Cleans, dries, and polishes in one wipe! No cleaning products needed!

The Empress Cloth is a streak free, spot free, smear free, lint free, dust free, reusable microfiber cleaning cloth.

No Chemicals; No Paper Towels

The Empress Cloth is the ultimate window cleaner. It cleans with just water. It uses absolutely no chemicals and leaves no lint or streaks behind. This is due to the revolutionary, patented technology which produces the Fiber material.

All your glass, mirrors, floors, counters, furniture, stainless, chrome… anything non-porous will come out dust free and shiny clean with the Empress Cloth and water alone!

The Empress Cloth is environmentally friendly. Because it is made of a durable fabric, the cloth can be washed and reused, hence, reducing waste in the environment; stop wasting money on paper towels. Buy your Empress Cloth today to get rid of  streaks in an environmentally friendly way.

Simple to Use

Wet the Empress  Cloth, wring it out, and you’re ready to wipe – this advanced generation of microfiber cloth polishes as it cleans with just water!

The Empress Cloth saves you time (no need to dry the surface) and money (no more paper towels and no more chemicals) and is environmentally friendly (just wash and reuse).

Use it at home or at the office.

Use it for your car, golf cart, motorcycle, boat, airplane or RV.

Use it for normal household cleaning jobs or for demanding industrial jobs.

When using on sensitive surfaces, care should be taken not to get debris or contaminants that might scratch the surface between the cloth and the surface being cleaned.

Empress Cloth Care

Machine wash with laundry detergent or hand wash with dish soap in warm water. Rinse thoroughly.

Using bleach will shorten the life of your fiber cloths.

Be careful when machine washing in mixed loads as Empress Cloths will pick up lint from other fabrics.

Do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener leaves a film on the cloth and decreases its effectiveness.

Using the dryer will shorten the life of your Empress Cloths. Please hang to dry for the best results.

All Our Cloths are First Quality!

Size: Approx. 16” x 16”       Weight: 130 g

Empress Cloth Information

What is Microfiber?

The Empress Microfiber cloths and mops are known for their fabulous cleaning abilities. Our cloths and mops are made from an advanced high-end 21st century cleaning technology. The fibers or filaments that comprise the individual composition in our cloths and mops are split thinner than any other man-made or natural fiber.

Made from special yarn that is 0.1 denser, this special Fiber fabric is an ultra-fine, advanced generation of microfiber referred to as microfilament. This microfilament is extremely fine, light-weight, strong, durable, and is virtually lint-free.

Made from 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide (nylon) single fiber, the Empress Cloth Fiber fabric is approximately 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk.

Unlike ordinary microfiber cloths, the continuous microfilaments that make up the Fiber fabric of our cloth provide strength and dimensional stability making for a long-lasting and highly durable cleaning cloth.

This advanced technology microfilament material is the perfect answer to cleaning delicate surfaces like windows, glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless, etc. and, best of all, it cleans with just water and is reusable.

How is it Made?

The Manufacturing Process

No solvents and No binders are used in the manufacturing process of the special Fiber fabric for the Empress Cloth. It is also PVC-free.

1. The Polyester and Polyamide materials are spun together to create continuous segmented filaments.

2. These advanced high tech filaments are evenly distributed on a belt to get them ready for the high pressure water jets.

3. The filaments are split into microfilaments using the high pressure water jets.

4. The special Fiber fabric is produced when the water jets concurrently tightly entwine and consolidate the microfilaments.

This manufacturing process is truly a Clean Technology. The water used in this process is recycled and reused in a closed loop system.

The durable special Fiber fabric, itself, reduces waste in the environment because it can be washed and reused; no more waste from paper towels. Best of all, using the Empress Cloth requires no chemicals, as it cleans with just water.

How Does the Empress Cloth Work?

This ultra fine Cloth does not damage any surface. The fibers grab and hold dirt, dust and grime. This is the magnet effect.

The Magnet Effect

Made from 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide (nylon), a single fiber is approximately 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk and up to 200 times finer than a human hair(this is the secret of micro fiber’s incredible cleaning ability).

Open spaces between fibers hold dust, dirt, and oil until washed away with mild soap or detergent. Tough on dirt and gentle on surfaces.

Spaces also allow large amounts of moisture to be effectively absorbed into the cloths. These same spaces allow for quicker drying time eliminating much of the bacterial growth found in slow drying cloths.

Ordinary Cloth Fiber

Shows ordinary fiber cloth in action

Ordinary cloths tend to push dirt and dust around. Residue is left behind on the surface area you’re cleaning.

Lack of interior open spaces, makes an ordinary cloth hold very little dirt.

The difference:

The Empress Cloth holds 7 times its weight in dirt, grime and liquid.

Millions of tiny “scoops” pull dirt and dust up inside the microfilament cloth where it remains until washed away.

Results are clean, streak free surfaces – the Empress Cloth will not leave streaks!

Using water helps emulsify dirt and oil making it easier for the Empress Cloth to pick it up. Its high absorbency will quickly clean up spills.

The Empress Cloth is reusable, requires no chemicals, and replaces paper towels.

How Do I Use the Empress Cloth?

Wet it! Wring it! Wipe it!  The cloth will work optimally while damp. Too much water is counter productive to their effectiveness. Do not over dampen.

Note: Once in a while our customers have experienced streaking when the cloth is first used. This is caused from debris during the manufacturing and shipping of the product. If streaking occurs, wash the cloth using mild soap and allow the cloth to air dry. Also try using less water while dampening the cloth.

Where Can I Use the Empress Cloth?

It is safe on all hard and some soft surfaces.  Great for:

Computer screens
Windows and glass
Glass tables
Stainless steel and chrome
Windshields to rims on cars and golf carts
… and much more!

Environmentally Friendly

No Chemicals
Our products require no chemicals that would poison personal and environmental health.

Conserve Water
Our products use up to 95% less water than conventional cloths and mops and actually work optimally while only damp.

Conserve Trees
Our products are machine washable and eliminate the need for paper towels.

This amazing streak free cloth is green technology at its best:

  • No chemicals in the cloth and no chemicals are used from the manufacturing of the fabric through to the finished product
  • The same cloth is appropriate for all surfaces
  • Eliminates chemicals in homes and businesses–Only WATER is used in cleaning and no chemicals or soaps are needed to cut dirt, grease and grime
  • Eliminates 90% of paper towel usage–One step cleaning process of wiping the surface and walking away NO paper towels needed
  • High absorption capacity
  • Will not scratch, mar or blur delicate surfaces in homes, businesses or on vehicles
  • Cuts cleaning time in half due to its unique attributes of efficiently grabbing dirt, dust and grime from surfaces and trapping them in the cloth
  • Does not lose strength or shape after hundreds of washings, long lasting–not disposable
  • Guaranteed safe for a baby’s skin
  • Can be recycled
  • Will not release emissions or halogeneous substances when incinerated or placed in landfills

Empress Cloth Washing Instructions:

Machine wash with laundry detergent or hand wash with dish soap in hot water. Rinse thoroughly.  Using bleach will shorten the life of your cloths but can be used.  DO NOT use fabric softener. It will leave a film on the cloth and decrease it’s effectiveness

Be careful when machine washing in mixed loads of laundry, as the cloth will pick up lint from other fabrics.  Air dry the cloth – DO NOT put in dryer.

Frequently Asked and Should Ask Questions:

How do I prepare my cloth for its first use?

Rinse the cloth in warm water and wring it tightly. Doing this a few times will soften the cloth. The cloth will continue to soften with use

Do I need to use household cleaners for wiping down furniture?

No, no more cleaners; just water.

Can I put the cloth in the washing machine?

Absolutely! Machine wash with laundry detergent or hand wash with dish soap in warm water. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener leaves a film on the cloth and decreases its effectiveness. Be careful when machine washing in mixed loads as this special fiber cloths will pick up lint from other fabrics. We recommend air drying the cloth.

Wash separately from towels or items that leave lint.
Wash in warm to hot water.
Use any laundry soap that does not contain bleach or fabric softener additives.
Hang to dry.
Cloths can also be hand washed with laundry or dish soaps that do not contain skin softeners (these may plug the microfibers). The cloths must be rinsed well of soap or some residue will remain on surfaces after you clean.
Periodical boiling of the cloths helps open the micro fibres as wide as possible to release built up laundry soaps and to lighten some stains. This also sterilizes the cloth. Simply boil cloth in a pot of water on top of the stove for 5 minutes. We also recommend (after personal experience) to set the timer as one can become distracted and forget about the cloths and boil the pot dry. Dump the water and cloths into the sink and rinse with cooler water if you want to use them immediately. If not, hang to dry.

Can I use bleach?

Yes, but using bleach will shorten the life of your cloth.

What should I do if I see streaks after wiping?

Your cloth is probably dirty; wash it with detergent or soap and air dry.

What should I do if I see water spots after wiping?

There is too much moisture in your cloth; wring it out harder and tighter.

What should I do if my cloth is leaving lint behind?

Rewash the cloth with non-lint bearing items. Do not wash with towels

The cloth could have been washed with some linty items or put in the dryer.
Boil the cloth in a pot of water on top of the stove for 5 minutes. This causes the micro fibre to open as wide as possible and release the lint.


Referral Program and Fundraisers and Wholesale Information

Refer Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Co-workers… And You Receive A Free Cloth

Tell everyone about these wonderful products and when they order a minimum of $20.00 worth of products and give us your contact information (Name and Mailing Address) at the time of their order, we will send you a free cloth!

We value our clients and want to thank them for referring us. Using our products will make cleaning anything much more enjoyable!!

Simply Wet, Wring, Wipe & Done – Share the fun!

Looking for a new and Innovative Fundraising idea? Look no further. Selling the Empress Cloths is a fun and lucrative way to raise money for your organization (club, charity, school, sporting event, etc.). They are also a  wonderful change from many of the same old products that are available  today.  This is a product everyone can use!

We are committed to the success of your fundraiser and have forms available to help you.

For professional fundraising advice or for more information, please phone us at 954 600-0183. We would love to help!

Wholesale ~ If you are interested in being in business for yourself, or just adding another Stream of Income, this is a great business opportunity with full time or part time income potential. You can have fun with a product that sells itself and helps the environment. If you’re serious about putting the time and effort into it, then we are serious about helping you with your success.

The Microfiber Cloth market is growing and this is your chance to be part of it with our Wholesale Buyer Program that allows you to purchase products in bulk for resale. For wholesale distributor prices, don’t delay.

This is a great opportunity. There are:

1. NO TERRITORIES – market anywhere
2. NO MINIMUM REQUIREMENT – start small and build your business
3. NO FEES – simply buy wholesale and sell retail
4. NO SALES EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – the cloth sells itself when demonstrated

5. HIGH REPEAT SALES & CUSTOMER REFERRALS – business grows itself

Note: It is recommended that you try the Empress Cloth while considering the opportunity. If you should choose to become anEmpress Associate and you have purchased 1 or 2 cloths, we will add 1 or 2 extra cloths to your first Associate order.

Please Call  if you are interested in becoming a distributor of our popular Empress Cloth.

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  Happy Customers

“It was such a gift to have you show up with the Empress Cloth.  It is an amazing (magical) cloth that instantly made my task of cleaning glass jewelry display cabinets far easier!  I highly recommend the cloths to all shop owners and managers – everywhere!” Peggy Jenkins, Busy Mom, Retail Manager and Networking Extraordinaire

“I want to marry this cloth.” Anonymous Woman in Idaho

“I may be in my 80’s but this cloth has helped me to enjoy cleaning again.”  Geri, The Villages, Florida