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Two Different Ways to View Your World

By Holli Rovenger | Happiness

Nov 02

Happiness is a choice we can make each and every day.

You Don’t See the World As It Is. You See the World As You Are.

If You really think about the statement above, you will realize it’s extremely profound. Really give this some thought. Think about how you would view an event if you were happy, versus seeing the same event when you are consciously, or unconsciously, unhappy. As an example ~ years ago (when I went through an extremely difficult time in my life)  my girlfriend said to me “you have so many problems, I don’t know where you should start.”  I looked her square in the eye and said “I don’t have any problems, I have challenges to deal with.”  And I meant it, because I view the world from a happier place (this is something I consciously chose to do when everything fell apart). I saw the world as I am whereas she saw it as she is. Can you see the difference ~ problems versus challenges?

Happiness is a Choice

 Happiness Is A Choice You Make Every Day. Truly it is. You can’t search for happiness. You can do the exercises to help you find it within, but it’s not an external ‘thing.’ We’ve all heard the question – do you see the glass half full or half empty? It may sound trite but it is a great example to illustrate that there are often two sides to any story and that you have a choice in how you view things, and that choice in turn determines how happy you feel. Happiness then becomes a choice you make every single day. When you choose happiness and feel it, you will  start to notice that you see your world very differently.

You can choose to see the glass as half empty, focus on the fact that you’re almost done drinking that delicious cold fresh lemonade, but with that attitude, you’re more likely to feel a little sad about it. If on the other hand you focus on the fact that the glass is still half full and you have plenty of lemonade left to drink, your mood improves and you feel happier.


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When you look at it that way, happiness really is a conscious choice you make. From what I’ve been studying, 40% off your happiness is directly affected by how you think and how you choose to feel.  In other words, we do have some control over our happiness.  That’s what these next 30 days are all about.  I will post articles here on the site daily  to help you make a conscious decision to be happier. If you’d like more tips, advice, and strategies, I hope you will join me in 30 Days to Happiness.  This way you don’t miss anything, you’ll get access to our wonderful 30 Days to Happiness private Facebook group, and get a little inspiration and motivation from me by communication as well. You can sign up for the 30 Days to Happiness  here:

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Since happiness is a choice, and a choice we make every single day, I want to challenge you to make it a habit.  I want to inspire and encourage you to make a choice each morning to be happier.

It takes time and daily conscious decisions to change habits and alter how we approach life. That’s where 30 Days to Happiness comes into play. The idea is that you have a daily reminder here on the site and via communication each day to help you remember to make that choice.  

At the end of the 30 Days, I hope you have formed new habits, new ways of thinking, and new ways to look at each situation as it arises. If you join us in our private facebook group you will have continuing support which will help you make these new habits more permanent. With a little shift in thinking and perception, you can craft a happier, more fulfilling life for yourself. I hope these next 30 Days will be just the beginning and will help you get to the point where you view your world from a Happier place. 

You may be wondering why I am doing this.  I would like to spread Happiness to 1 Million People and I’d like you to be one of them. I feel the world will be a much better place to live in if everyone was feeling even just a little bit happier. In spreading Happiness, hopefully I’m also spreading Peace. Won’t you join me? I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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