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Want to Be in The Know On The Absolute Fundamentals of Etiquette?

By Holli Rovenger | Coffee Talk

Dec 08

Etiquette can easily become a lost art, and I for one would be sad to see that happen. Because of this, I set out to find someone who teaches about this. As things always seem to happen, people are placed in your path at the right time.

Now I’d like to introduce to you the Fabulous Shirley Martin. Shirley will talk with us about etiquette, manners, the proper way to walk and setting an elegant table. Table Scapes, Table Settings and Etiquette are important when you are the Hostess. In addition, it’s equally important for someone who will be at your home to know the right utensils to use. Shirley Martin shares it all with us.

I met Shirley at a Fashion Show and was just won over by her charm, beauty and knowledge. She looks at least 20 years younger than she is and is full of energy and enthusiasm.

Shirley knew at the age of 5 that she wanted to be an actress or a model.  Over the years she has had a very successful and rewarding career as a business owner, educator, speaker, writer and fashion coordinator. She says “If you can dream it, you can be it.”

She teaches: Personal Image – walking nicely … skin care … setting a table, social graces and good manners and has been in this business for  28 years.

Posture and Walking Etiquette

If you want to look taller –

  • Don’t slouch
  • Roll shoulders back and down (up back and down)
  • Hands by your sides and not in front
  • Good posture – bend knees slightly
  • Don’t walk leaning forward


Etiquette Introduction to Table Setting Guidelines:

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is you’ll want to set a beautiful table. With that said, there are plenty of magazines, as well as pinterest, to give you ideas. 

It’s easier for diners to know what to expect when utensils, cups and plates are set based on the following common guidelines.  When guest look down they will know the order they will use their utensils and how the dinner is going to be served. Typically you start by using the utensils on the outside and work your way in towards the plate.

  • Place the knife and spoons to the right of the plate
  • Place the forks to the left of the plate
  • The knife’s cutting edge should face the plate
  • If soup is on the menu, the soup spoon is placed to the right of the knife
  • If salad is to be served, the salad fork is placed to the left of the dinner fork
  • Dessert and coffee utensils belong up above the plate
  • The bread and butter dish should always be on the left hand side
  • The napkin is placed on the left hand side by itself, or on top of the plate, never under the utensils
  • All glasses belong on the right. The water glass should be to the left of the wine glass. For a cup and saucer, position the handle to the right, directed towards where your hand will go.

Want some of Shirley’s Rules for Good Manners? Email her at sosomartin@aol.com

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