Here’s  my little shopping tip for today.  I ran out of eyeliner and my sister and I went to the mall so I could replace it. { FYI – I happen to be using Lancome now}.   As I was getting ready to check out I happen to notice that they had a special purchase with purchase.   (The salesgirl should have tried to “upsell” me the package but didn’t).

To make a long story a little shorter – I noticed that  the lipliner and eyeshadow set I regularly use were part of the extra purchase; PLUS it also included a great carry-on bag,  a nice lipstick, gloss, and eye cream.  

Shopping Conclusion

Bottom line -the purchase was the price of just the lipliner I use so….  I essentially got all the other products and the bag for free.   What  is especially nice about this particular bonus is that I really like everything in it and will use ALL the products and the bag.

Tip:   When shopping, before you check out ask what specials or bonuses they have in store.  You just may find it is well worth the Value!

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