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Barbara Testimonial Sleep Challenge

Informative and Illuminating.

My name is Barbara and my sleep was of concern in that sometimes i couldn’t fall asleep and sometimes I couldn’t stay asleep. By going through the class with Holli I became aware of some of my routines that were contributing to my issues.  Then by modifying these routines my sleep has been improving. The step by step teaching was very informative and illuminating. I would recommend investing in you for better sleep which means a better you.

Barbara Fieldman 

Registered Dietitian

Deb Testimonial for Sleep Challenge

It really helped.

“This is a great resource for those who have issues with sleeping. Helped give me different ideas, and reinforced other things I had forgotten to do. I would recommend this because it really helped.”

Deb Hmielowski
Andrea Pic for Sleep Challenge Testimonial

I'm Getting a better night's sleep!

I really enjoyed the Magic of Sleep program you provided! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised! It was very detailed and well thought out, I learned a lot. You gave me a lot of different things to try. I have implemented some of the strategies and can honestly say I’m getting a better night sleep! Yay!!!

Andrea Matthews

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How to Master Your Sleep
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Sleep is important to your health
Medical Disclaimer—
Please speak to your health care provider.
There could be medical or nutritional issues that keep you awake at night and/or interfere with your sleep. You want to rule out Sleep Apnea which is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans.