‘Book Club’ Phenomena

‘Book Club’ movie is something of a phenomena.

The ‘Book Club’ (movie), Grace and Frankie (netflix), Sex and the City (tv show, book, movie) and 50 Shades of Grey (book, movie) truly have a lot in common:

  • Women may love these books, television shows and movies for  different reasons, but they have become almost a fascination for all of us enjoying them. We are part of a ‘club of women’ who sit back, relax, and ‘get into’ the stories.
  •  A lot of the focus is on the “stuff” nobody ever talks about, but everybody thinks about.
  • At the base of all, or what is simply implied, is Female Sexuality and Feminism.

The Movie the ‘Book Club’

What could be better than going to a movie and belly laughing many times as you are watching? Book Club is a funny and feel good movie that will leave you wanting to see it again, and maybe even a third time. (True confession— when I saw the movie for the second time, I took 6 1/2 pages of notes).

Official Movie synopsis —

“Diane (Diane Keaton) is recently widowed after 40 years of marriage, Vivian (Jane Fonda) enjoys her men with no strings attached, Sharon (Candice Bergen) is still working through her decades-old divorce, and Carol’s (Mary Steenburgen) marriage is in a slump after 35 years. The lives of these four lifelong friends are turned upside down after reading the infamous 50 Shades of Grey, catapulting them into a series of outrageous life choices.”

The above is the published synopsis for the movie but it is so much more than that.

Notes on My Take:

Diane (Diane) – long marriage – complacent; says her marriage was really over for a while. Now widow – having feelings she didn’t know she could have again — “He makes me curious and excited about the world.” She is dealing with over protective children. She says in the movie, “I was in mourning for something a very long time. It had been over between us a long time ago. The world sees your relationship as one thing when in actuality it’s another.” Truth – no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

(Vivian) Jane – afraid to get hurt. so no emotions attached; emotionally afraid to get involved. “emotional connection is over rated.”  Risk management -forecasting risk. which is why she never married. Her three friends tell her she’s so terrified of getting hurt that she pushes love away.

She is the sex expert because she’s done a lot of “field research on this demographic.”  Truth – I bet there is some of Vivian in all of us. 

Who are you identifying with so far?

(Carol) Mary – long time since her and her husband made love; he couldn’t express what he was feeling. She signed them up for the dance lessons thinking it was something fun to do together since he was retired. She tries to open the door to adventurous sex just a little when she asks her husband, “what are you going to do, tie me up?”  She starts that conversation but doesn’t follow through with it. Truth – What happened in Carol’s relationship is normal. There are spells where couples drift apart sexually. The key is discussion, and to try to find ways to get together and make it “fun” again.

(Sharon) Candice – no sex for 18 years; married wrong guy but still “stuck on him”.  The happiest 18 years; no sex; the case of the forgotten dream. I don’t even remember how to have sex. Truth – some women stay stuck on the past. Clearly, it’s healthier to move forward in life and learn from every relationship you have.

Thoughts …

Four different Personalities of Women are Portrayed in the movie. Truth – I feel we have a little of each of them inside of us

My epiphany about the ‘Book Club’s’ main takeaway message — At first they feel embarrassed to even be holding the book. After getting over their embarrassment (in the beginning Candice’s character Sharon said, “just holding this book is embarrassing”), once they got talking, EACH of their LIVES got BETTER!

Let me just repeat that — once they got to talking, each of their lives got better. Why is that? The topic is not openly discussed in the majority of female conversations. But when it is, WATCH OUT WORLD. When a woman says YES the world truly says YES too.

So the book “Fifty Shades” inspires them not to kinky exploration, but to the sharing and eventual correction of their own sexual frustrations.” from article in NY Times

Giving Yourself Permission

For Edorai, the timing couldn’t have been better. As a friend who got back from the movie texted me, “Just saw Book Club—it was wonderful and so fits the Edorai objective.” The Edorai Objective is all about Giving Yourself Permission to bring out the best that is already inside of you.

Droves of Women are flocking to see the movie, the same way they did to read the 50 Shades of Grey books. The Question is Why, and the Answer is simply—curiosity, longing, entertainment, excitement, “I want what their having”… But the main problem is most women don’t do anything about it.

That’s where Edorai comes in and takes the main message from the movie in a boots on the ground movement. DISCUSSIONS ladies. If we discuss things openly and unashamedly, we can and will help each other. From what we learn and apply in our own lives, we can live more happily, sensuously and be more curious and excited about our own world.

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Isn’t it time to take the road less traveled?
Remember, in the movie Don Johnson’s character said—“there really is no differences in the path—it’s just living your life more bravely and heroic.”

Thought you might enjoy these Quotes I jotted down the second time I saw the movie Book Club:

don’t want us to be like those women who stop living before they stop living

“to even be holding this book is embarrassing”  – how they started out and then they were on to the second book.

Emergency meeting – Clearly we have things to discuss, this book has got me in a tizzy.

Crazy Hot Sex

She’s lost it.  Then Jane say’s no – she’s found it

This book is a wake up call – sex must not be taken off the table. “we shall not settle into that good night.”

Candice says about Christian Grey – I could have put him in jail for any one of those things.

the vet talking about the cat but really applies to Candice – “she’s lost the spark of life.”

If Women are age were meant to have sex, G-d wouldn’t do what he does to our bodies.

When Diane was going on her date she said – “I need a safe word.”   

And I’m certain we all melted when  …

My best kiss – “maybe that hasn’t happened yet.” Ah… the Romance of this statement. It had me in it’s thralls.

when kissing – mind went blank in the greatest possible way

Wishes are to be personal not global

Diane’s children said – “dangerous for a women your age to be living alone. You could slip and fall at a moments notice.”

I love how your generation feels the need to get dressed for travel. WE NEED TO DO MORE OF THIS Ladies. Dressing up makes you feel good.

funny – when they told Candice to put herself out there, and find a mate, she said – what am I Ling Ling at the San Diego Zoo?

And the sayings continue …

When Candice finally does go on the date she says, damn you EL JAMES

“I believe in living while we still can.” – Andy Garcia while flying

You can’t spend time taking care of other people ===== it’s Ok to be happy. (this is why I wrote the Little Black Book of Sassy Suggestions and Guilty Pleasures).

Took the road less traveled – Don Johnson – no differences in the path, we feel brave and heroic

not two paths – just the way you feel and walk

spooked at retirement party – 40 years vanished – didn’t know who I was anymore. what I can do. I need to figure out who I am.


And Final  ‘Book Club’ thoughts …

Love is just a word until someone gives it meaning. What a beautiful thought!

Are you ready to take the road less traveled and take your life to the next level? Only you can make the choice.

You can buy or rent the movie if you haven’t seen it yet (or want to see it again 😊)!