Focus on the positive and it will change your life and make you much happier.

There are people in your life who are wonderful about finding the positive in any situation and sharing it with you. They are the types of friends, relatives, acquaintances, bosses, coworkers, and teachers who will give you some constructive criticism while pointing out everything you’ve done right, even if the situation turns out to be a total mess. They are the people that build you up and give you the confidence boost you need to go back and fix things or start from scratch.

However,  there are also those who can’t give a compliment without also pointing out your shortcomings. They tend to focus on the negative in any situation and are quick to tell you about it. These people can be hard to live with, hang around or work with.

The question for you to think about is ~ what type of person are you? How do you think and communicate about your life and your surroundings?

Focus on the Positive

Think & Communicate In Positive Ways

If increased happiness is your goal, my suggestion is for you to work on making sure you think and communicate in a positive way. Remember, thinking is important because it is how we communicate with ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather spend my time becoming my biggest cheerleader, than my worst critic.

Here’s the good news. How you think and how you communicate can be learned and unlearned. That means if you’re a bit of a pessimist right now, you can learn to think, be, and talk in a more positive way. Of course learned behaviors and habits aren’t always easy to change.

  • *Step one is to become aware of the way you are, and want to change.
  • Step two is to learn to recognize your behavior as it happens. Listen to the thoughts that are happening in your head and stop and make yourself think before you speak. You can use my little tip again here ~ picture the stop sign or red light to help you pause.  Then make the Change to more positive thinking and speaking. 
  • Step three is to practice this new habit and behavior over and over. 

What you are doing is becoming more mindful of your habits, and yourself.

Take a few minutes to reflect on how you have been thinking and speaking. Think back on conversations you’ve had with others and get a feel for how you communicated with them. Also reflect on what you tell yourself. Are you as positive as you’d like to be, or is there room for improvement.? If you are like most people, there is room for improvement. Start implementing the simple three step process *above, and keep practicing until this more positive way of thinking and communicating has become a strong new habit. It will have a big impact on your own happiness and that of those around you.

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Have patience with yourself — studies show it takes 30 Days to change a behavior and about 90 Days to Make it Permanent!
Using our  Happiness Planner will help you!