Fun Fact ~ Happiness is contagious. You may not have realized it, but it’s true. If you think back to a time when you were with someone who was experiencing pure joy, you  probably have experienced this.

Children are wonderful at being completely and utterly happy. They’re also great about sharing and expressing this exuberant joy. If you’re around a small child that’s laughing, giggling, and having a fabulous time, you can’t help but smile with them. Their happiness is making us happier partly because it is contagious – somewhat like a yawn.

Happiness Is Contagious

Since happiness can spread from person to person, you can use it to absorb some, and also to share your joy and excitement. Use it to make a difference in how happy you feel, and then don’t be afraid to spread it around.

Soak Up The Happy

When you’re having a rough day, cheering yourself up may be as simple as finding a happy person to be with. Surround yourself with positive people who are good at sharing the joy. Find your own personal cheerleaders that you can call on when you need a little boost. While watching a comedy or an enjoyable happy movie may help, experiencing happiness in person seems to have a much bigger impact on how you feel. Go out there and soak up the happy.

Spread Happiness Around

You can soak up  the happiness of others, and then you can start to spread it around. We discussed in a previous article about how giving makes us happier than receiving. Along these same lines, sharing your happiness will benefit both you and those around you. If you are out there intentionally sharing your joy and excitement with others, you’ll create a positive energy that is contagious. You’ll start to notice your family and friends smile more, laugh with you, and have a good time. They will want to be with you more often as well.

You’ll begin to notice that something interesting happens. You start to feed off their positive vibes and happiness, increasing your own joy., then you keep it going and create a spiral  or circle of happiness that keeps spreading far and wide. A simple smile or a shared laugh can change the mood of an entire group of people. Think about this. It’s pretty powerful. Remember the old saying ~ Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone? Well… it may make more sense now.

As you interact with people, start to pay attention to the mood and be aware that feelings of both happiness and sadness can be contagious. Use what we’ve talked about in this article to your advantage and where appropriate, change the mood in the room by sharing happiness. You don’t have to be exploding with joy to make a difference. Instead, take a moment to focus on a happy memory, or think about a few things you’re grateful for. Then show and share the happiness you’ve created, and watch it travel around the room. Smile, have an encouraging conversation, become a cheerleader and work towards making the world a happier place.  This is the beginning of your personal ripple in our Happiness Movement.

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