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Julie Dessloch is a hobbyist cook and the author of julienne.red. In her own words ~ "My mom taught me both how to cook, and to love cooking. Several of the recipes she taught me are ones I still make today. Others I’ve tweaked in one way or another, often just to switch to fresh ingredients that are so much easier to come by than they were back in the day. I love the challenge of creating healthy meals that are so flavorful and satisfying that people are sometimes surprised to learn how healthy they are. My dietary goals are lowering saturated fats, salt, and overall calories. I don’t often make desserts or other treats. When I do, I go all out. I’d rather have the real thing – butter, salt, sugar, & all – than a pale imitation more frequently." She's got some great recipes for you to explore over at https://julienne.red/

Delicious Fresh Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving
Sep 29

Fresh Pumpkin Pie

By Julie Dessloch | Food Glorious Food , Recipe Share

Advertisement Fresh Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie is a favorite during Thanksgiving. Julie Shares her amazing Pumpkin Pie Recipe with The Women’s Inner Circle. We just love the way her personality shines through her recipe! “I’m just a hobbyist cook. But I do know there’s one thing I do better than some professional chefs, and that’s pumpkin […]

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