Shine Outside

Shine Outside—

    This category is about  Social Wellness, Environmental Wellness, and Financial Wellness. It deals with social connections, healthy living environments, and financial security, all contributing to external well-being.

    Social Wellness:

    • Family and Friends: Nurturing healthy relationships with family and loved ones.
    • Hobbies and Activities: Engaging in activities you enjoy, connecting with others who share similar interests.
    • Entertainment: Enjoying leisure activities, attending cultural events, taking breaks from work and responsibilities.
    • Community Involvement/Volunteering: Contributing to your community, connecting with others, making a difference.

    Environmental Wellness:

    • Decluttering and Organizing: Simplifying living spaces, reducing clutter, organizing for efficiency.
    • Getting Chemicals Out of Your Home: Using natural cleaning products, reducing exposure to toxins, prioritizing air quality.
    • Growing Your Own Food: Connecting with nature, enjoying fresh produce, learning sustainable gardening practices.
    • Safety: Creating a safe home environment, practicing fire safety, addressing potential hazards.

    Financial Wellness:

    • Money Mindset: Developing a healthy relationship with money, challenging limiting beliefs.
    • Financial Inventory: Tracking income and expenses, understanding debts and assets.
    • Budgeting: Creating a spending plan, allocating funds for different needs and goals.
    • Financial Knowledge: Educating yourself about financial products, investments, and strategies.
    • Building Wealth: Setting financial goals, investing wisely, planning for retirement.
    • Protecting/Legacy Building: Planning for emergencies, securing income, considering estate planning.

    I was extremely fortunate to be interviewed by Jean Chatzky for her television show. She was then super generous in allowing me to do this video with her. This took place in 2014 but is still critically important today. Although more women are getting involved in learning finances, I believe we still have a long way to go.

    [Information Update—Empowering Women Monthly morphed into The Women’s Inner Circle].

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